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Ways to Give

There are many ways you can help in supporting the mission of the church from volunteering, joining our hosted events, and donating. 

Support your Church

Hope Community Fellowship is able to do what it does largely in part through tithe donations from it's members. Your contributions help keep the community thriving! Thank you for all you do to help make us a great family in faith. 

While we do accept tithe donations after our Sunday Service, you are also able to donate securely online. Just click the donate button below. 

Family Portrait


Help isn't just a tithe.

Time is valuable. We are always looking for volunteers to help with community events hosted at Hope Community Fellowship, service preparation, and assisting members of the congregation in times of need. 

Helping Hands
Become a Sponsor


Interested in sponsoring an upcoming event of the church? We love making community connections and partnerships. Faith through community and family is a founding principle of Hope Community Fellowship.  

Donation Boxes

Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

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